Bug#807579: CUDA 7.5 planning

Graham Inggs ginggs at debian.org
Tue Mar 8 11:30:18 UTC 2016

On 01/03/2016 18:15, Andreas Beckmann wrote:
> amd64 should be more or less ready for going to experimental, more
> testing would be welcome!
> I tried the cuda code samples (see README.Debian), and most built (only
> those few that link with -lcudadevrt seem to miss a -lcudart). I didn't
> try to actually run even one of them :-)

I built 7.5.18-1 r6291 in an Ubuntu PPA.
I was able to build the reverse-dependencies eztrace-contrib, 
hwloc-contrib and pycuda without modification.

A local build of pycuda on Ubuntu Xenial failed with the following 
error, but it probably just picked up something else installed:

error: Cython does not appear to be installed

I tried a couple of the pycuda examples and they ran successfully, but 
the script to download more examples from the wiki didn't seem to work 
any more.

Ubuntu has starpu-contrib 1.1.5-0.  It build successfully after I 
changed CONTRIB_GCC_VERSION := 5 and adjusted the build-dependencies.
I did not try building with CONTRIB_GCC_VERSION  := 4.9.

> Looking at ppc64el now ...

For Ubuntu, I think I will use the no-libcuda1 virtual package for 
ppc64el.  I don't think a Tesla driver package for ppc64el will be 
uploaded in time for the Xenial release.

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