Bug#879821: libgles1-glvnd-nvidia:amd64: upgrade failure to 375.82-6

Andreas Beckmann anbe at debian.org
Thu Oct 26 21:37:18 UTC 2017

On 10/26/2017 11:13 PM, Rafał Olejnik wrote:
> Guess having amd64 and i386 might be a reason because on my sid i'm
> getting same error.

having both :amd64 and :i386 packages installed does not seem to work
properly with versioned Provides/Breaks in this special case.

minimal testcase is libgles1-glvnd-nvidia:amd64 +
libgles1-glvnd-nvidia:i386 in a minimal chroot (without
--install-recommends) that gets upgraded from buster to sid.

workaround should be

dpkg -r libgles1-glvnd-nvidia:amd64 libgles1-glvnd-nvidia:i386

(the mesa packages already dropped GLESv1 support)


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