glvnd stuff and backports ... (was: Re: 396 beta seems to drop i386, armhf and a bunch of devices)

Andreas Beckmann anbe at
Mon Apr 23 14:05:04 BST 2018

On 2018-04-22 18:19, Luca Boccassi wrote:
>> I think I have 390xx legacy ready - it will build (the unused)
>> *-glvnd-nvidia from now on. Could you give it some testing?
> Is this a typo (trailing 0):
> "Package: libegl-nvidia-legacy-390xx0"

No, its libegl-${nvidia}0

> Apart from that, should 390xx be installable on Stretch with the usual
> diff?

Honestly, I didn't think about stretch, yet.
At some point we will have 390.48-3~deb9u1 (or a later upstream version
with the prepared changes from 390.48-4 reverted) in stretch (via -pu).
And we will never have 396 or newer in stretch-pu, and therefore not
need legacy-390xx in stretch.

For stretch-backports, the interesting question is "why does it not work
with the libglvd backport"? IIRC, we postponed that question recently
while dealing with -pu.

We now have the same driver and libglvnd version in testing and
stretch-backports - why do we still need to use lib*-glvnd-nvidia* in

(I'd really prefer to use src:libglvnd in stretch-backports like in
testing/sid and not use lib*-glvnd-nvidia* at all.)


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