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If this is not the appropriate venue for the questions please do advise!

Approximately 6 years ago I set up my system with 3 gpus and 4
monitors. At that time and until then I used the Nvidia proprietary
drivers to enable me to use 2 gpus running 4 monitors. The first setup
was very very challenging for me as I was not, and am still not,
really an 'under the hood' kind of computer user, rather I use my
computing systems as tools to enable me to do what I want to do.

In the past after effecting an install of an nvidia driver it was
necessary to run nvidia-xconfig. After a period of time a useful tool
appeared as part of the driver set - - this was called Nvidia X server
settings. This is where I would then create my monitor orientations so
that I could actually read what was on the screen.

I completed a new install in the last couple days and now am trying to
install the nvidia-drivers set of packages. According to apt, and its
output, I have completed an install of nvidia-drivers (390.48) on my
system. Yet when I want to use the Nvidia X server settings - - - well
- - - it appears that an X configuration file is no longer created.

How do I set up my system (how, using which tools, following which
examples) so that I can continue to use all 4 of my monitors (not just

(The file .nvidia-settings-rc looks like a possible candidate for the
'proper' space to configure the video drivers. The information in that
file looks something like randr information but ???????)

Thanking you for your assistance and consideration


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