Bug#927735: 418.56-2 (now in sid) resolves

TarotApprentice tarotapprentice at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 28 05:33:58 BST 2019

I see sid now has a 418.56-2 version. This version can be installed in Buster. However the versions at Stretch and Stretch-backports are still broken.

Another issue that is possibly related to Buster (using the RC1 iso image) if one installs Buster and then the 410 version from buster or the 418 version from sid results in Debian boot hanging and no desktop/logon prompt is displayed. I can still ssh into the machine. Please advise if you’d like a separate bug. If you don’t install Nvidia-kernel-dkms while you get an error from nouveau complaining about unknown chipset you do get the desktop/login prompt.

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