Bug#918752: bbswitch-source fails to build with m-a due to undefined dh compat

David Kalnischkies david at kalnischkies.de
Wed Jan 9 01:41:21 GMT 2019

Package: bbswitch-source
Version: 0.8-6
Severity: important


with the switch to debhelper compat level 11 the debian/compat file was
removed in favor of using debhelper-compat (= 11) in the control file.

This breaks building with module-assistent as the debian/control.modules.in
file wasn't changed as well and so debhelper has no idea in which compat
mode it should be running and hence bails out failing the build.

Would be nice if you could adapt that file to say:
Build-Depends: debhelper-compat (= 9)

Changing the other fields like Vcs-*, Priority and co is probably in
order, too, but I don't want to ask for too much given that I might be
the only user…
I can do a proper patch/MR on salsa if that is preferred, it just felt
like overkill for the time being [in my timezone at least]. :)

Best regards

David Kalnischkies
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