Bug#924488: CUDA 10.1 is now available

Graham Inggs ginggs at debian.org
Wed Mar 13 13:48:42 GMT 2019

Source: nvidia-cuda-toolkit
Version: 9.2.148-6
Severity: wishlist

Hi Maintainers

CUDA 10.1.105 was released at the end of February, 2019.
The minimum NVIDIA driver version is bumped to 418.39 and support is 
added for GCC 8 and Clang 7.

Despite it being past freeze for Buster, there is some interest in 
upgrading to this version, as it allows for the removal of GCC 7.

I've provisionally filed an unblock request (#924070) and the release 
team have not yet replied "NO!". :)

I have started looking at the packaging, and was hoping for only minor 
changes from 10.0 to 10.1.  I've already found that the ~2.3GB .run file 
for amd64, that previously contained separate .run files for the 
drivers, the toolkit and the samples, of which we only distributed the 
toolkit .run file, now only contains a .run file for the drivers and a 
bunch of files for the rest.  I recall something in the licensing about 
only being able to distribute the files as downloadable from NVIDIA, but 
I wasn't able to find it again now.

For now, I switched to using the .deb files for amd64, but found at 
least the embedded Java Runtime Environment is missing.  As expected, 
the SOVERSION of libraries was bumped to 10.1, but some changed to 10. 
I wasn't sure whether to name all the binary packages 10.1 to keep our 
packaging simpler, or try to make Lintian happy and have them match the 

Using a local build of CUDA 10.1, I have been able to rebuild all 
reverse-dependencies; caffe-contrib, eztrace-contrib, hwloc-contrib, 
pycuda and starpu-contrib.  Only caffe-contrib and starpu-contrib 
required minor changes to switch from gcc-7/g++-7 to the default 8.


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