[pkg-opensc-maint] Bug#823030: Bug#823030: Status

José Luis González jlgonzal at ya.com
Sun Jul 31 16:59:04 UTC 2016

On Sat, 30 Jul 2016 15:32:55 -0400
Eric Dorland <eric at kuroneko.ca> wrote:

> * José Luis González (jlgonzal at ya.com) wrote:
> > On Sat, 30 Jul 2016 01:53:17 -0400
> > Eric Dorland <eric at debian.org> wrote:
> > 
> > > Control: tags -1 moreinfo
> > > 
> > > What software is breaking exactly? You should not need libopensc2, it
> > > was always an internal library.
> > 
> > It's an external package, from Spain's ID card electronic signing
> > system. As far as I remember it depended on those packages.
> > 
> > I managed to install the external packages with packages from stable.
> Is it actually linking against libopensc2?


I just found out the conflicting package wasn't installed on my system
as it depended on a release previous to Wheezy. Actually I'm not sure
this particular package is needed anymore since the Spanish police
hasn't provided packages for newer Debian versions for a very long
time. However the other package (which doesn't require libopensc2 and
installs correctly with stable repositories) seems not to work OK with
my ID card, although I can't tell what's the reason for this. Since the
packages requiring libopensc2 and old opensc are probably not necessary
I think you can close this report. I will try to find out why the ID
card is not working on my system and if it's related to Debian opensc I
would reopen this or open a new report as appropriate.

Thank you so much for your understanding and assistance.

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