[pkg-opensc-maint] Bug#961123: opensc: support for CardOS 5.3 broken in 0.20.0

Laurent Bigonville bigon at debian.org
Mon Nov 23 09:13:05 GMT 2020

On Wed, 20 May 2020 13:21:41 +0200 Silvano Cirujano Cuesta 
<silvano.cirujano-cuesta at siemens.com> wrote:


 > OpenSC version 0.20.0 broke the support for CardOS 5.3 smartcards. It
 > potentially also breaks CardOS 5.0 and other 5.x smartcards (if any
 > exist).
 > People with a CardOS 5.3 smartcard can reproduce the issue with the
 > command `pkcs11-tool --login --test`, which reports a couple of failures
 > in the signature verification.
 > There's a bugfix upstream for this issue: 
 > Just for reference, here is the equivalent Fedora bug report: 

This regression is really annoying, could we expect it to be fixed 
before bullseye release?

There is a new release candidate that could be packaged or the the MR 
contains 6 patches that should be incorporated

Kind regards,

Laurent Bigonville

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