[pkg-opensc-maint] Bug#1034258: opensc: with the new opensc version in Debian testing/sid I am unable to use the new Italian CNS

Davide Prina Davide.Prina at null.net
Wed Aug 30 16:12:25 BST 2023

Bastian Germann ha scritto:

> I see you have opened an upstream bug. It seems to have worked for you but I have not got if 
> compiled version 0.23.0 or a git version after that. Maybe we can identify the issue.

sorry for my late response.

In short: the bug I have make is incorrect because the driver for my CNS
has been inserted in OpenSC after the stable release and so is not in the
actual OpenSC Debian package.

For the previous OpenSC version I have made a .deb package using the
patched github source.
Using the github OpenSC version in develop I'm unable to make a working
.deb package: all seem to function correctly, I can start authentication
phase, insert the PIN, but after I get some errors and the authentication
don't work.

I was able to compile le OpenSC version in develop using the instruction
on OpenSC site and using my CNS to authenticate correctly, but I will
prefer to have a .deb package.

I would like to find and solve the problem before to reply to that bug...
but I'm unable to understand where is the problem. 


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