[Pkg-owncloud-maintainers] owncloud-client new versions

Sandro Knauß bugs at sandroknauss.de
Fri Feb 5 14:16:23 UTC 2016


currently I had time to polish the dolphin plugin and made it ready to work. 
Because i needs dolphin (15.12.1) to be visible, I had to wait till tihs 
version was availalbe in debian- now it is available in experimental. As far 
as I can tell now, one part is working ( sharing within dolphin), the 
overlayicons are at the moment not visible inside dolphin, but maybe I need a 
new kio or kservice. But I cannot install it from expierimental because that 
would delete too much stuff. At least I can tell from strace that everything 
is found... So it is ready to go though the NEW queue. This is available in 
the experimental branch

Additionally I pushed the new 2.1.1~rc1 to git master so everyone can build 
now the release candidate. I have it running locally for me now, without any 
issues so far. If there is more interesset in the rc we can think about 
pushing it to experimental.


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