[Pkg-owncloud-maintainers] Bug#815963: Warn users about unsupported upgrade path

David Prévot david at tilapin.org
Fri Feb 26 15:47:26 UTC 2016

Hi Chris,

Le 26/02/2016 08:58, Chris a écrit :

>> We already do, that’s exactly the purpose of the NEWS file.
>> https://sources.debian.net/src/owncloud/8.2.2~dfsg-1/debian/NEWS/
> i'm not that familiar with the NEWS file but if this is shown it's already too late and the new files are already nearly "deployed" or am i wrong?

They are displayed during the upgrade (before being actually performed
on disk), and allow the administrator to abort the upgrade. I also
intend to propose adding an entry in the release notes, but wait for
gathering more feedback (and will hopefully address actual issues rather
than documenting them).

[About allowing upgrade across major versions]

> That is probably something you really shouldn't do.

Well, one may argue that upstream should support that (and they are
indeed working at fixing their upgrade path if I understand correctly).
The release schedule in Debian (roughly two years between stable
releases) simply cannot match upstream expectation to upgrade via every
major versions they are releasing (roughly every four months).

In order to match stable users expectations, we’ll do our best to
provide an upgrade path, as smooth possible, between Jessie and Stretch.

I unfortunately don’t expect much support from upstream in this work,
just hope they’ll refrain being vocal about criticizing the effort.



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