[Pkg-owncloud-maintainers] Packaging and testing on old debian releases

Sandro Knauß hefee at debian.org
Thu Oct 5 19:22:44 UTC 2017


a warm welcome!
> I recently had problem with the owncloud client on debian jessie, after
> an upgrade to Owncloud 10.0.3.
> The server did not like the older version of the client currently
> available in the repository.

that is bitter. unfortunatelly it is Debian policy to not update packages. You 
can get exceptions, but than you really need to show every patch. It is a more 
longish discussion to get a update in a stable release. And for oldstable it 
is even harder, because it is not anymore acivily mantained.

> Installing the owncloud-client from backports does indeed solve that
> issue with all the dependecies also.

backports is the way to provide users a newer owncloud-client, the idea of 
backports is that you repackage software, that is available in testing for the 
current stable/oldstable. So the first goal is ever to get the newest version 
into testing, that is done in the past mostly by me. But if people want to 
help/ also do this step up :)

> How can I contribute to this? I would gladly test owncloud-client
> packages on older Debian releases and if I learn how - also package them
> correctly.

Last Friday Alexander wrote a mail, that they want to do the backporting. 
Backporting at it self is often very easy, but still it needs people to test 
it, if it is really working etc. Maybe Alexander has already the knowledge to 
do the backporting. Nevertheless I'm here if there are any questions. Me 
myself is enough busy with other packages and have only unstable running, so a 
lot of effort for me to test. 

Myself do not tell a lot of how this backporting works, because I want 
Alexander their space to explain themselves.
I hope we will see the newest version in backports in the near future.

Best regards.

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