[Pkg-owncloud-maintainers] owncloud-client backport

Alexander Gerasiov gq at debian.org
Sun Oct 22 09:18:38 UTC 2017

Hello Sandro,

On Fri, 29 Sep 2017 22:35:40 +0200
Sandro Knauß <hefee at debian.org> wrote:

> Hey,
> happy welcome!
> > I'd like to upload owncloud-client to backports, if you do not
> > mind. Do you? =)  
> well it is a team, that is responsible for owncloud(-client), so you
> need to send your request to the list :) But I think, nobody is
> against it, if you join the team and help packaging it.
Well I joined the team and the list to get in touch with packaging
process. Since there was no protest against the backport in the list,
I'll do the upload.

> One thing
> with backporting: you NEED to provide updates for the complete cycle
> of stretch,

Sure, for packages I backport and upload into archive (should be read
as "I use myself and plan to use for a long term") I provide

> that means if we have a Qt6 switch in unstable you need
> still needs to backports this. In the moment I don't see that this
> will haven, but who knows...
From my experience with Qt4->Qt5 transition, in most cases it's possible
to build package with previous version. If not, I bet there will be
backport of Qt6 at this moment.

Best regards,
 Alexander Gerasiov

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