[Pkg-owncloud-maintainers] ownCloud with lighttpd (was: owncloud)

Paul van Tilburg paulvt at debian.org
Mon May 28 07:36:47 UTC 2012

Hi Lukas,

On Mon, May 28, 2012 at 08:34:41AM +0200, Thomas Müller wrote:
> Your request/question is related to the Debian package for owncloud -
> right?
> Currently we only support Apache, sorry.
> Supporting lighttpd is currently out of scope, because we will soon
> enter freeze.  But maybe we can relax the dependencies.

The dependancy already allows for any HTTP server as alternative: we set
apache2 as explicit first (default) option, because we install
configuration for it, but as alternative we depend on httpd, which is
provided by lighttpd.  Once lighttpd is supported, we will change the
depend to: apache2 | lighttpd | httpd, etc.
The same goes for our recommend on exim4 | mail-transfer-agent.

> >I wonder, whether it's possible to have lighttpd as a dependance in 
> >addition or instead of apache2. The situation I'm facing is that I
> >have lighty running but apache2 can't be uninstalled (though not 
> >running). Can there be a clean solution to this?

You mean owncloud can't be installed without installing apache?
I find this very strange?  Possibly, apt is eager to install apache2
too, but if you tell it not too, owncloud should still be installable.

I think that before we ship configuration for more than one HTTP server,
we need to have a setup like many web applications in Debian to ask
a question using Debconf about which web server(s) need to be set up.
Because it's not trivial, we haven't integrated with Debconf yet.


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