[Pkg-owncloud-maintainers] File size issue (Admin section)

Diederik de Haas didi.debian at cknow.org
Mon Jun 4 12:02:31 UTC 2012

On Monday 04 June 2012 11:15:52 Paul van Tilburg wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 04, 2012 at 11:10:46AM +0200, Thomas Müller wrote:
> > (Sorry for top posting- my android mail client can't do it better)

K-9 mail can do it, although you have to configure it.

> No worries, although it is also destroying the threading.

I'm using KMail and threading isn't destroyed here.

> > Wouldn't it be a potential security risk to grant www-data write
> > access to .htaccess ?
> Probably yes.  The strange thing is that the .htaccess file is used to
> set PHP values!  So I really wonder why not set this in "PHP space" and
> only inherit from .htaccess as defaults.

Totally agree with Paul here.
IMO it should be specified in config.php, just like "maxZipInputSize". That file is 
writable by www-data.

Which also brings me to another point: .htaccess is an apache thing only 
(afaik), what if the user chooses to use nginx, which is supported upstream and 
also by us (indirectly) with the "apache2 | httpd" dependency?


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