[Pkg-owncloud-maintainers] owncloud calendar problem with repeating events

shze at gmx.de shze at gmx.de
Tue Jul 10 06:27:04 UTC 2012


I installed owncloud a few days ago and started to use it. So far it works well for syncing files across devices, then I wanted to use the calender.

So I tried to create repeating events in owncloud's webinterface, but I ran into problems where they would not be displayed correctly:

1. Method
Steps: Create repeating event e.g. 14:00-16:00;
Result: The first event in the series is incorrectly shown as 14:00-21:00, all others correctly as 14:00-16:00.

2. Method
Steps: Create a non-repeating event, which is shown correctly, edit it to make it repeating;
Result: All events are incorrectly shown as 14:00-21:00;

In both cases the begin and end times are show correctly in the edit dialog. Resizing the events in the week view to the correct (originally chosen) times makes the events displayed correctly in all cases, but changes the end time in the edit dialog to being displayed incorrectly as 14:00-11:00.

I tested on week-display of the webinterface of owncloud 4.0.4 Debian package (wheezy), with the Mysql backend, and owncloud set to CDT (Chicago time) in settings.

diederik (on irc) also tested it: He created a repeating event 12:00-14:30 using the 2. Method, which resulted in all events being displayed as 12:00-12:30 (4.0.3a, sqlite, presumably CEST)

I think this is a bug in owncloud. I'm wondering if this could be connected to the time zone, CDT is GMT+5, CEST is GMT-2. The next step will be filing a bug report. 


Could the (next) Debian owncloud version include the fix for bug oc-1164? Without it creating users doesn't work in the webinterface.

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