[Pkg-owncloud-maintainers] Bug#722623: owncloud-client: FTBFS w/ocsync 0.90: csync_progress_callback API changed

Aaron M. Ucko ucko at debian.org
Thu Sep 12 20:54:51 UTC 2013

Source: owncloud-client
Version: 1.3.0+dfsg-1.1
Severity: serious
Justification: fails to build from source

Hello again. :-)

Builds of owncloud-client against libocsync-dev 0.90.0, as currently
available in unstable, have been failing:

  /.../src/mirall/csyncthread.cpp: In member function 'void Mirall::CSyncThread::startSync()':
  /.../src/mirall/csyncthread.cpp:322:55: error: invalid conversion from 'void (*)(const char*, csync_notify_type_e, long long int, long long int, void*)' to 'csync_progress_callback {aka void (*)(csync_progress_s*, void*)}' [-fpermissive]
       csync_set_progress_callback( _csync_ctx, progress );
  In file included from /.../src/mirall/csyncthread.h:26:0,
                   from /.../src/mirall/csyncthread.cpp:16:
  /usr/include/ocsync/csync.h:563:5: error:   initializing argument 2 of 'int csync_set_progress_callback(CSYNC*, csync_progress_callback)' [-fpermissive]
   int csync_set_progress_callback( CSYNC *ctx, csync_progress_callback cb);

Could you please port owncloud-client to ocsync's current API, and
version its build dependency accordingly?


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