[Pkg-owncloud-maintainers] Would a backport be useful?

Sandro Knauß bugs at sandroknauss.de
Sun Sep 29 15:17:31 UTC 2013

Hi Gunnar,
> Although I also don't feel I can commit to maintaining it all, you
> will be glad to know I also took this step — And yesterday, I uploaded
> owncloud (the webapp) to wheezy-backports¹. I have still not tackled
> the other Owncloud packages, and am unsure if I can/should push them
> all, but I'll most likely upload also at least ocsync as well.

Jan is talking about owncloud package aka the server side. ocsync is build-dep 
for owncloud-client (oCC). And oCC has completly other dependencies than 
owncloud. owncloud is the server and oCC is the client for an owncloud server. 
oCC has the both dependencies: ocsync and qtkeychain, both are part of 
owncloud team. I already created wheezy backport packages for the three in the 
git repo at alioth (see wheezy branch). 

Maybe we can cordinate us via the IRC channel debian-owncloud at 


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