[Pkg-owncloud-maintainers] Bug#731964: Bug#731964: Apply fix to 5.0.13 too?

Diederik de Haas didi.debian at cknow.org
Thu Dec 12 11:14:52 UTC 2013

"David Prévot" <david at tilapin.org> wrote:
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>Le 12/12/2013 02:57, Diederik de Haas a écrit :
>> Oeps, already done.
>> But could you add the fix/change to the 5.0.13 too?
>Can’t this wait for the upcoming 5.0.14 (expected in a few days)? That
>shall be the last 5.0 update in Sid (php-dompdf is the last bit missing
>for a proper 6.0 upload to Sid).

Excellent. I ment the 5.x series, so yes it can wait till the next release. Thanks for your great work :-)

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