[Pkg-owncloud-maintainers] Libreoffice recommended for owncloud 6?

Diederik de Haas didi.debian at cknow.org
Tue Jan 28 23:51:23 UTC 2014

On Tuesday 28 January 2014 19:23:33 David Prévot wrote:
> > […] today OC6 entered testing.
> I set the urgency as low, but it was not enough to spend 10 days in
> unstable.

It surprised me too, I thought I had some more time to play/test/experiment.
Anyway, I created a negative pin-priority for libreoffice, so it wouldn't get 
What did surprise me was that 'liboauth-php php-services-json php5-intl php5-
ldap smblient' didn't get installed, so I installed them (minus smbclient) 
manually and did 'aptitude markauto <pkgs>' on them.

I have a number of VMs running OC5 ready to be upgraded to OC6, so I'll see 
whether that 'issue' happens there too and investigate if needed/wanted.

(Should've done that before doing it on my 'real' server LOL)

> > […] why is libreoffice a recommends
> “For preview generation” [1].
> 1:
> http://doc.owncloud.org/server/6.0/admin_manual/installation/installation_so
> urce.html#prerequisites

That a perfectly fine answer :-)
I think it's weird that upstream specified it as an dependency (even though 
optionally) for an obvious client program (office) for a server product (OC), 
but it's surely not a packaging issue.
If it bugs me enough, I'll take it upstream.

> IMHO, libreoffice should be set as an alternative to php-phpdocx and
> php-excel (not yet packaged, shipped embedded as of now) once we’ve made
> sure they are providing the same features. I’d be happy to see it happen
> rather sooner than later.

That would be great.


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