[Pkg-owncloud-maintainers] Owncloud Client on kFreeBSD

Sandro Knauß bugs at sandroknauss.de
Thu Aug 21 11:47:01 UTC 2014


thanks a lot, that you started to look into the kFeeeBSD support for owncloud.

Actually it would be nice to know if the cmd line client works like expected 
is also a usefull information. What would be great to know is:
* Does it upload/download missing files ?
* If you change a file at the server/client does it sync if you run it 
afterwards ?
* Does it uses ssl certs ...

But the most isssue we are unsure is if the desktop client gets all relevant 
changes from inotify, when a file is changed by editing/createing/deleting. 
But these are "only" issues, that are relevat for the desktop client that 
monitors changes. See the tests we had to deactivate:

Btw. thanks for the information, that the cmd version only syncs one time and 
do not monitors changes.

If you create any "test script" to test - I'm very pleased to put it to 
autotests - I had no time so far to create one...



PS: do i need to add your address to recipient, or have you substribed this 

> last week I said I would look into the kFreeBSD + Owncloud client story.
> Sadly I currently only have a machine without X server running, so I am
> restricted to command line applications. I was kindly pointed to the
> owncloud-client-cmd application, but the man page says it is not
> monitoring for changes, but just runs once.
> So I was wondering: Are there specific test cases for the issues/worries
> on kFreeBSD to exactly pin point potential sources of problems in the
> current source code related to the non-Linux kernel. And proably even
> more important can that be tested in headless mode? It does seem that
> kFreeBSD is more popular for server installation than desktop ones, but
> I have no hard facts to support that.

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