[Pkg-owncloud-maintainers] Bug#761590: Acknowledgement (owncloud-client: Unable to initialize a sync journal)

Marco Solieri soujak at xt3.it
Fri Sep 19 09:31:54 UTC 2014

Dear maintainer,

I just confirm what Sylvain Collilieux reported.

The problem:
- is present on a machine with the same architecture and packages,
- is caused by the very same error (whose interesting lines are reported 
  hereafter), which is most probably caused by the downgrade of database,
  from the previous 1.7 version to the last 1.6.3.
- is solved by "dowgrading" back to the 1.7.0~beta1 version of the owncloud 
  suite of packages.

Best regards.

~~~(Log excerpt)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

09-19 11:12:31:682 syncjournaldb.cpp:878 Transaction Start  "checkConnect"
09-19 11:12:31:692 syncjournaldb.cpp:354 Columns in the current journal:  
("phash", "pathlen", "path", "inode", "uid", "gid", "mode", "modtime", "type", 
"md5", "fileid", "remotePerm")
09-19 11:12:31:692 syncjournaldb.cpp:878 Transaction Start  "update database 
structure: downgrade from 1.7.0->1.6.3"
09-19 11:12:31:692 syncengine.cpp:454 No way to create a sync journal!
09-19 11:12:31:692 syncengine.cpp:678 CSync run took  21830120
09-19 11:12:31:693 folder.cpp:644 -> CSync Finished slot with error  true warn 
count 0
09-19 11:12:31:693 folder.cpp:385 Processing result list and logging took  0  
09-19 11:12:31:693 folder.cpp:403 OO folder slotSyncFinished: result:  2
09-19 11:12:31:693 folder.cpp:656   ** error Strings:  ("Unable to initialize 
a sync journal.")
09-19 11:12:31:693 folder.cpp:658     * owncloud csync thread finished with 


Marco Solieri
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