[Pkg-owncloud-maintainers] Bug#762328: owncloud: Only shows blank page (empty HTML file)

David Prévot david at tilapin.org
Sun Sep 21 12:31:36 UTC 2014

Hi Axel,

Thanks for your interest in the backported owncloud package.

Le 21/09/2014 03:29, Axel Stammler a écrit :
> Package: owncloud
> Version: 7.0.2+dfsg-1~bpo70+1

““Please report bugs that you found in the packages to the backports
mailinglist[1] and NOT to the Debian BTS!””[2]

   1: http://lists.debian.org/debian-backports/
   2: http://backports.debian.org/Instructions/#index6h2

> I have just installed Own Cloud and adapted it to use Postgres.

Why didn’t you use the installation wizard to populate the config file
on your behalf?

> If the file
> /etc/owncloud/config.php has insufficient permissions or the Postgres password is unset,
> the proper page shows up, but if I correct this, Apache just sends nothing, even if the
> password or database user are set incorrectly.

Can you pleas move away your hand edited /etc/owncloud/config.php and
follow the “Database” part of /usr/share/doc/owncloud/README.Debian.gz.
(The installation process requires to actually populate the database,
given your description of the installation, you don’t seem to have taken
care of it.)

> The log (/var/log/owncloud.log) contains nothing in this case even though logging is set
> to DEBUG. (If the password is unset, an entry appears, but not if user or password are
> wrong.)

You may also look at your webserver error log, ant the ownCloud one



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