[Pkg-owncloud-maintainers] Annoying bugs in version 7.0.2 (wheezy-backports)

Borkenkaefer borkenkaefer at abelo.ch
Tue Dec 2 11:39:46 UTC 2014


I joyfully saw that there are owncloud 7 packages in the
wheezy-backports tree. I immediatly installed and tested them.
Unfortunately, the version in the wheezy-backports tree is 7.0.2 which
suffers from some very annoying bugs.

- Documents App not working:

- Enable Apps for specific groups not working:

- And a lot of notification stuff isn't working.

All those bugs are fixed in upstream version 7.0.3 (and a lot of others


- When will 7.0.3 hit the wheezy-backports tree? Right now, it's in
testing, but how long does it take from testing to wheezy-backports?
- Do I have to open bugs on the debian bugtracker for all those bugs?

Thanks for answers,

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