[Pkg-owncloud-maintainers] Bug#780313: Bug#780313: sabredav: add support for Icedove's "Mailing List"

Paul Muster paul at muster.net
Thu Mar 19 12:18:40 UTC 2015

Hello there,

thank you for the really quick response!

Am 2015-03-12 03:19, schrieb David Prévot:

> Thanks for your interest in the PHP Sabre Debian packages.

Well, it... came over me when installing owncloud. ;-)

>> could you please add support for Idedove's feature "Mailing List"?
> Maybe this bug report would be better fitted in the upstream issue 
> tracker:
>     https://github.com/fruux/sabre-dav/issues

Yes, but it's important to me to automatically get the information from 
Debian BTS when the feature is available _in my distribution_.

> Could you please check if the issue still exists in version 2.2 as 
> already
> available from experimental?

Sorry, but: No, I can't. I tried, but after upgrading php-sabre-dav 
whole WebDAV of owncloud didn't work any more and complained about mixed 

I could help with, let's say, the second half of the problem: My working 
Icedove and SoGo-Connector. If you could provide an owncloud instance 
(with php-sabre-dav 2.2) and tell me URL, username and password, I'd add 
this as address book so you can see what happens on server side.



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