[Pkg-owncloud-maintainers] I am using distro packages and I tell you why

Martin Steigerwald martin at lichtvoll.de
Mon Jan 4 23:11:32 UTC 2016

Am Montag, 4. Januar 2016, 23:47:26 CET schrieb Martin Steigerwald:
> > It is 2016. This is a web app. Your conventions do not apply. Live with it
> > or become irrelevant. I know, the choice for option 2 was already made.
> > Sorry, this is a flame, but there is a reason for Docker's popularity: the
> > distributions have failed to keep up.
> Well as David informed me Debian experimental has already 8.2.2 – and
> indeed  it has 8.2.2~dfsg-1 already –   and the 8.0.10 package in his
> people page is for updating for crypto users. Anyway, from what I gather
> from your answer I will just do one thing with your recommendation: Dismiss
> it. And use the irrelevant package. Cause in the end, even in a systemd
> world, I as a server admin decide what will happen on my server. Later one
> I give some reason why I choose this path. (Also the server still runs with
> sysvinit for now. On Debian Jessie.)

For factual clarity let me provide this snippet from David´s response which 
went only to Debian owncloud packaging list. The publically accessible 
archives are easy to find. David wrote there:

> > [David] already packaged newer Owncloud
> > 
> > https://people.debian.org/~taffit/owncloud/
> JFTR, owncloud 8.2.2 is now available in experimental, and has been
> uploaded the same day as upstream (the Debian packages are usually
> published the same day as upstream by the way). The package in
> people.debian.org is currently published to provide an upgrade path for
> encryption users. From the latest NEWS entry: 

That NEWS entry warns clearly about upgrading directly from 7 to 8.2.2, but 
says as documented upstream one needs to install an 8.0.x version first which 
David for now provides on his people page. For Stretch he hopes to provide an 
easier upgrade path.

I will try this way to upgrade my Owncloud version to latest 8.2.2.


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