[Pkg-pascal-devel] are we waiting on each other?

Paul Gevers elbrus at debian.org
Sun Jun 8 14:02:28 UTC 2014

Hi Michalis,

On 08-06-14 13:01, Michalis Kamburelis wrote:
> As I understand, the issue is because view3dscene source code currently
> refers to castleconf.inc. And castleconf.inc is part of Castle Game
> Engine sources, thus requiring CGE sources for view3dscene compilation.

Correct. We were considering adding the castleconf.inc file to the unit
package. Glad we don't need to do that.

> As an upstream, I can offer some explanation and simple solution:

And thanks a lot for the explanation.

> Explanation: In general, we do *not* advice end programs to use the
> castleconf.inc include file. castleconf.inc should be internal for the
> engine, and not used by most applications (like games or view3dscene).

So we should indeed not include it in the unit package

> The fact that view3dscene *right now* refers to castleconf.inc is a
> temporary hack: that's because view3dscene does some rendering using
> direct OpenGL calls (which we discourage, with CGE >= 5.0.0 all
> rendering should go through engine classes, to seamlessly support OpenGL
> and OpenGLES).

Meaning that I think my solution is the cleanest. Until view3dscene is
completely ported, we just depend on the cge-src package.

> Simple solution: It is possible to get rid of castleconf.inc references
> from view3dscene code easily:
> - Remove "{$I castleconf.inc}" lines from view3dscene sources (8 occurences)
> - Replace "CastleGL" in uses clauses with "GL, GLU, GLExt". (Actually,
> in one unit it can be just removed.)

To me it seems that the castleconf.inc way is better tested. So I rather
stick with that than carrying such a patch. Especially if the next
versions of view3dscene still carry the hack, not using a patch is easier.

> See the attached patch. I tested it with respect to the current SVN
> trunk code of view3dscene, but it should apply to latest view3dscene
> released code too.

But a lot of thanks nevertheless.

> Hope this helps :),

It sure did. About to upload view3dscene version 3.14.0 now.


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