[Pkg-pascal-devel] fpc postinst & windres

Paul Gevers elbrus at debian.org
Wed Sep 24 20:27:48 UTC 2014

On 24-09-14 21:07, Abou Al Montacir wrote:
>> To achieve that, I propose the attached diff. Problem is, I am not 100%
>> sure if ${VAR##bla} is understood in all shell implementations. Does
>> anybody know?
> Did you tested with dash? If that works then you can go as dash is
> installed on any Debian system since wheezy.

Yes, the dash man-page states the same.

>> Also, it seems to me that the handling of the configuration file in
>> fp-compiler.postinst is wrong. It changes the file unconditionally,
> The user's changes are kept in the old version configuration file and
> can always selected as the default alternative. So user's changes are
> kept for the old compiler configuration. It may be hard that we try to
> figure out what user changed and add them.

I am solely talking about updating the same version, e.g.
fp-compiler-2.4.6 to fp-compiler-2.4.6. For now we have accepted that
updates between different upstream versions is just too hard.

>> while policy mandates that local changes should be honored. As debconf
>> can not be trusted to store the latest manual changes to the
>> configuration file, we need to process the file and tell debconf what
>> the current value is. I haven't come up with a fix yet, but I remember
>> there are tools (like ucf) that do these kind of things, so we (=I?)
>> should investigate.
> Maybe we can do easier.
> If upgrading then don't touch configuration file,

This is what the policy says we must do.

> or try to apply the
> diff between local and previous version to the new one.

But if a user says "dpkg-reconfigure -plow fp-compiler-x.y.z" than we
MUST honor all changes by the user, except those that are asked via
debconf of course.

> If installing new compiler then write new file and let user choose his
> old file with alternatives.

I think the debconf questions made that clear, although I expect most
users to have forgotten this fact when they need it.


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