[Pkg-pascal-devel] fpc 3.0.0~rc1

Abou Al Montacir abou.almontacir at sfr.fr
Wed Oct 21 07:54:55 UTC 2015

Hi Paul
On Tue, 2015-10-20 at 21:37 +0200, Paul Gevers wrote:
> Hi Abou,
> On 05-09-15 16:07, Abou Al Montacir wrote:
> > > .fpm is only needed if you want to use fpmake. It is not similar in
> > > concept
> > > to .lpk, fpmake.pp is similar in concept to fpc. 
> > > .fpm is more similar in concept to the .compiled file that lazarus makes.
> > Thanks for this clarification. This makes it easier to understand what those
> > files are.
> > As the .compiled file are packaged, I assume then .fpm shall be too.
> > We shall allow users who want to use fpmake to do so.
> In which package do you propose to put them? These .fpm seem to be arch
> specific, so they shouldn't go into fpc-src.
I think the right way is to put them in the same package as .ppu. They are
related somehow.
This means indeed they wil be in the arch dependent packages.
Abou Al Montacir
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