[Pkg-pascal-devel] Bug#784569: fpc: fpc on arm64

Paul Gevers elbrus at debian.org
Sat Oct 31 10:05:22 UTC 2015

Hi Edmund,

On 29-10-15 11:09, Edmund Grimley Evans wrote:
>> Here's a recipe using the source in the Debian repo, if that counts.

> Do you now have a ppca64?

Yes, I do.

> Since the Debian build script expects to use fpcmake, but I don't know
> how to cross-compile fpcmake, probably the next thing to do is a
> native non-Debian build. I think you can copy the fpcsrc tree, as
> modified by fpcmake during the cross-compilation, over to an arm64
> system and then do:

I am not 100% sure what you meant, but I copied over the by fpcmake
generated Makefiles on my amd64 system (so, non-native Debian) and then
I was able to build an arm64 fpcmake (by turning off some parts of the
the regular clean operations in debian/rules). The full build still
failed for me, but at least I had both ppca64 and an arm64 fpcmake.

Using the newly build fpcmake and reverting most of my changes to
d/rules I just successfully ran dpkg-buildpackage -B -d on the arm64
porterbox (hooray). (I had to disable the "unexport FPC" line in
debian/rules and instead do "export FPC=/home/elbrus/ppca64" there.
Should I use PP=/home/elbrus/ppca64 instead?)

I will try to upload the arm64 packages and then I will upload
3.0.0~rc2+dfsg-2 to apply the arm64 patches and to fix the armhf FTBFS.
When that has landed, the arm64 package should be build natively.


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