[Pkg-pascal-devel] fpc-3.0 in jessie-backports?

Paul Gevers elbrus at debian.org
Thu Oct 6 19:18:29 UTC 2016

Hi Alexander,

On 06-10-16 20:44, Alexander Sulfrian wrote:
> I like to know, if it is possible to get fpc-3.0 into jessie-backports.

Yes, I have been planning on doing that for a long time already
(archived in the pkg-pascal-devel at l.a.d.o archive)

> It simply builds out of the box in a jessie environment (I only needed
> to drop the dependency on the exact dh-exec version).

Uhm, have you checked that the result is what you need then. That
dependency is there for a good reason.

> Would you like to submit a package to jessie-backports by yourself?

I don't have objections against others doing it, but as said, I planned
to do it already.

> I could also find a debian developer who would sponsor that upload. But
> I wanted to ask you before, if you want to upload it yourself or if you
> see any objections against having fpc-3.0 in jessie-backports.

No objections, but I really think dh-exec needs to be backported as well
if we want the right magic to happen. The fix in dh-exec was made for
fpc and the use of it in this package. If your interested you can figure
it out from the changelog of dh-exec of the listed version.


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