[Pkg-pascal-devel] Bug#864148: [fp-units-rtl-3.0.0] Incorrect conversion from local time to UTC

Paul Gevers elbrus at debian.org
Sat Jun 10 17:39:28 UTC 2017

Hi Abou,

On 10-06-17 19:24, Abou Al Montacir wrote:
> I know that it may be very late, but should we try to push this fix to
> stretch?

The deadline has passed, we're too late.

Quoting Niels from the RT:
 * Assume that the Release Team want your package to have at least 2
   days in unstable before they are migrated (via a "age-days 2" hint)
 * Uploads processed /after/ the 13:52 UTC dinstall Wednesday,
   2017-06-07 will *not* be able to reach 2 days in testing before the

> I mean the issue is so awful and fix change is so tiny that we can
> probably convince the release team to take it.
> What do you think?

You could try to get it in the first point release.

Quoting Niels from the RT:
 Q: What if my upload misses the deadline?
 A: The upload will not be included in the initial stretch release.
    - If the package has an unfixed RC bug tagged
      "stretch-will-remove", the package will be removed from stretch
      prior to the release.
    - Otherwise, the package will be included in the release.  Please
      consider whether the bug should be fixed in a stable update (e.g.


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