[Pkg-pascal-devel] Bug#887575: Bug#887575: Bug#887575: Bug#887575: castle-game-engine FTBFS with fpc 3.0.4

Michalis Kamburelis michalis.kambi at gmail.com
Thu Jan 18 21:25:15 UTC 2018

2018-01-18 20:56 GMT+01:00 Michalis Kamburelis <michalis.kambi at gmail.com>:
> So, we should get to the point where CGE (or any other package
> using fpmake) can be compiled by simple
> ~~~
> unset FPCDIR
> fpc fpmake.pp
> ./fpmake # without any additional options like --globalunitdir
> ~~~

I created a "simplest possible example of using fpmake", so that you
can test it all without dealing with (unrelated) Castle Game Engine
code and Makefiles:

- Get https://github.com/michaliskambi/simplest-fpmake-test .
- Run "./testme.sh", that just calls "./fpmake".
- I think that we should make it "just work" if user installed FPC
from a Debian package. Without the need to set $FPCDIR, without the
need to pass --globalunitdir .

Right now, it will not work. Right now, you need to use
--globalunitdir pointing to the proper location when invoking fpmake
(see testme.sh comments).

(In the previous FPC versions, setting environment variable FPCDIR was
also enough, without the need for --globalunitdir . It doesn't work
for me now, although I see that the code reading $FPCDIR is in
TFPCDefaults.CompilerDefaults. As far as I observed, this was broken
in FPC 3.x upstream, unrelated to Debian.)


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