[Pkg-pascal-devel] Bug#902888: [lcl-utils-1.8] lazbuild crash when lazarus-src is not installed

Alexander Kernozhitsky sh200105 at mail.ru
Mon Jul 2 23:36:25 BST 2018

Package: lcl-utils-1.8
Version: 1.8.4+dfsg-1
Severity: normal

I was trying to build a project using lazbuild. To do this, I installed the 
following packages: lcl-utils, lcl-units, lcl-nogui (not the entire Lazarus 
IDE). Then I ran

$ lazbuild <project name>.lpi

and got a crash at lazbuild startup. The stacktrace is:

An unhandled exception occurred at $00000000009D6060:
EAccessViolation: Access violation
  $00000000009D6060 line 952 of etfpcmsgparser.pas
  $0000000000587F6A line 3053 of compileroptions.pp
  $00000000005DC005 line 1048 of ../packager/packagesystem.pas
  $00000000005E584A line 3544 of ../packager/packagesystem.pas
  $00000000005E52F8 line 3442 of ../packager/packagesystem.pas
  $00000000005E99BB line 4027 of ../packager/packagesystem.pas
  $00000000005E917B line 3871 of ../packager/packagesystem.pas
  $00000000004049B5 line 800 of lazbuild.lpr
  $00000000004043DE line 965 of lazbuild.lpr
  $0000000000402286 line 417 of lazbuild.lpr
  $0000000000408B7E line 1467 of lazbuild.lpr
  $000000000040BCD6 line 1870 of lazbuild.lpr

(To make this stacktrace, I recompiled lazbuild with debugging symbols)

Nothing else was printed to the console.

After I installed lazarus-src, the problem disappeared. With the entire ide 
(lazarus-ide packages) the bug isn't reproducible also.

The bug doesn't happen on all projects, but on the projects where it happens, 
it is reproducible always (attempts to rebuild >10 times exposes the same 

--- System information. ---
Kernel:       Linux 4.16.0-2-amd64

Debian Release: buster/sid
  990 testing         ftp.by.debian.org 
  500 unstable        ftp.by.debian.org 

--- Package information. ---
Depends          (Version) | Installed
fp-compiler                | 
debconf          (>= 0.5)  | 1.5.67
 OR debconf-2.0            | 
libc6           (>= 2.2.5) | 

Recommends           (Version) | Installed
lazarus-ide-1.8                | 1.8.4+dfsg-1
lcl-1.8                        | 1.8.4+dfsg-1

Package's Suggests field is empty.
Alexander Kernozhitsky

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