[Pkg-pascal-devel] Bug#898310: Bug#898310: lcl-units-1.8 unusable due to file permissions

Alexander Kernozhitsky sh200105 at mail.ru
Wed Jul 4 15:21:14 BST 2018

I tried to find the issue by compare the upstream deb package found at 
lazarus-ide.org and the package from Debian repos.

What I found: the Debian lazarus package contains this line in lpk files (like 

<AutoUpdate Value="Manually"/>

The upstream deb package doesn't contain this line in lpk files.

I found the lines in debian/rules that add this line:

# Mark package as manually compilable and install them
for package in `find -name '*.lpk'` ; \
do \
	${MKDIR} `dirname "${LIB_DIR}/$${package}"` ; \
	sed -e 's@\(\W*\)<CompilerOptions>.*@\1<AutoUpdate Value="Manually"/>\n&@' 
"$${package}" > "${LIB_DIR}/$${package}" ; \

It seems that removing these lines solves the issue, and Lazarus can be 
rebuilt as normal user.

What is more interesting, these lines existed in debian/rules for older 
versions of the package, and in the upstream sources, but I didn't find

<AutoUpdate Value="Manually"/>

in lpk files in versions earlier than 1.8.

Alexander Kernozhitsky

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