[Pkg-pascal-devel] fpc_3.0.4+dfsg-21_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable

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Wed Jan 16 16:37:09 GMT 2019


Hash: SHA512

Format: 1.8
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2019 10:14:10 +0100
Source: fpc
Binary: fpc-3.0.4 fpc-source-3.0.4 fp-compiler-3.0.4 fp-ide-3.0.4 fp-utils-3.0.4 fp-docs-3.0.4 fp-units-rtl-3.0.4 fp-units-base-3.0.4 fp-units-fcl-3.0.4 fp-units-fv-3.0.4 fp-units-gtk2-3.0.4 fp-units-db-3.0.4 fp-units-gfx-3.0.4 fp-units-net-3.0.4 fp-units-math-3.0.4 fp-units-misc-3.0.4 fp-units-multimedia-3.0.4 fp-units-i386-3.0.4 fpc fpc-source fp-compiler fp-ide fp-utils fp-docs fp-units-rtl fp-units-base fp-units-fcl fp-units-fv fp-units-gtk2 fp-units-db fp-units-gfx fp-units-net fp-units-math fp-units-misc fp-units-multimedia fp-units-i386
Architecture: source
Version: 3.0.4+dfsg-21
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Pascal Packaging Team <pkg-pascal-devel at lists.alioth.debian.org>
Changed-By: Abou Al Montacir <abou.almontacir at sfr.fr>
 fp-compiler - Free Pascal - compiler dependency package
 fp-compiler-3.0.4 - Free Pascal - compiler
 fp-docs    - Free Pascal - documentation dependency package
 fp-docs-3.0.4 - Free Pascal - documentation
 fp-ide     - Free Pascal - IDE dependency package
 fp-ide-3.0.4 - Free Pascal - IDE
 fp-units-base - Free Pascal - base units dependency package
 fp-units-base-3.0.4 - Free Pascal - base units
 fp-units-db - Free Pascal - database-library units dependency package
 fp-units-db-3.0.4 - Free Pascal - database-library units
 fp-units-fcl - Free Pascal - Free Component Library dependency package
 fp-units-fcl-3.0.4 - Free Pascal - Free Component Library
 fp-units-fv - Free Pascal - Free Vision units dependency package
 fp-units-fv-3.0.4 - Free Pascal - Free Vision units
 fp-units-gfx - Free Pascal - graphics-library units dependency package
 fp-units-gfx-3.0.4 - Free Pascal - graphics-library units
 fp-units-gtk2 - Free Pascal - GTK+ 2.x units dependency package
 fp-units-gtk2-3.0.4 - Free Pascal - GTK+ 2.x units
 fp-units-i386 - Free Pascal - Kylix compatibility units dependency package
 fp-units-i386-3.0.4 - Free Pascal - Kylix compatibility units
 fp-units-math - Free Pascal - math units dependency package
 fp-units-math-3.0.4 - Free Pascal - math units
 fp-units-misc - Free Pascal - miscellaneous units dependency package
 fp-units-misc-3.0.4 - Free Pascal - miscellaneous units
 fp-units-multimedia - Free Pascal - multimedia units dependency package
 fp-units-multimedia-3.0.4 - Free Pascal - multimedia units
 fp-units-net - Free Pascal - networking units dependency package
 fp-units-net-3.0.4 - Free Pascal - networking units
 fp-units-rtl - Free Pascal - runtime libraries dependency package
 fp-units-rtl-3.0.4 - Free Pascal - runtime libraries
 fp-utils   - Free Pascal - utilities dependency package
 fp-utils-3.0.4 - Free Pascal - utilities
 fpc        - Free Pascal - SDK suite dependency package
 fpc-3.0.4  - Free Pascal - SDK-3.0.4 suite
 fpc-source - Free Pascal - SDK source code dependency package
 fpc-source-3.0.4 - Free Pascal - SDK source code
Closes: 892285
 fpc (3.0.4+dfsg-21) unstable; urgency=medium
   [ Paul Gevers ]
   * Drop Recommends: libggi2-dev as it was removed from Debian in 2012.
     We should probably remove ggigraphs unit as well as it is useless
   * Drop ancient Breaks/Replaces, add one missing
   [ Abou Al Montacir ]
   * Moved compiler messages files to location expected by Lazarus.
     The files are anyway architecture independent and it does not hurt
     to have them in /usr/share. (Closes: Bug#892285)
 dccf3b3cf2ef39d0b55817ec0616d1e98485a3e4 3798 fpc_3.0.4+dfsg-21.dsc
 87b98dc940d3c3ef565488754894bc13557d90a7 265828 fpc_3.0.4+dfsg-21.debian.tar.xz
 e12bc2114252b36e89b9e43ba258550a6886f05f 17542 fpc_3.0.4+dfsg-21_amd64.buildinfo
 ea52b44b4cff5873de17fc8287407c457b9c1eac11add1bfc7b8f20c96966ce3 3798 fpc_3.0.4+dfsg-21.dsc
 8d5e0340cb8c9c2173fafcd202751eaa7491ba398163b245fd285ec3e9d92024 265828 fpc_3.0.4+dfsg-21.debian.tar.xz
 aa4aaea541c81b2a09c6c81f68753c3ad89329648260f19699ae1df1f03e0595 17542 fpc_3.0.4+dfsg-21_amd64.buildinfo
 9dba83aa917e13064512b9b4c99909f2 3798 devel optional fpc_3.0.4+dfsg-21.dsc
 c43e7faa578fabe7184ae8b9d5ab4a0c 265828 devel optional fpc_3.0.4+dfsg-21.debian.tar.xz
 f0def9f0ed3c27b102576abcb5fb4ac7 17542 devel optional fpc_3.0.4+dfsg-21_amd64.buildinfo



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