[Pkg-pascal-devel] Attempted Install on aarch64 gives "Invalid floating point operation"

Peter peter at pblackman.plus.com
Sun Nov 14 17:22:47 GMT 2021

Hi Abou,

Thanks for looking at this.
Note, the compiler version is 3.2.0+dfsg-12  (testing)

Its not a new problem, I just hadn't mentioned it yet.

However, looking more closely at the log, I can see its not clean before the actual crash.

[   67s]  libc6:arm64 depends on libgcc-s1; however:
[   67s] *Package libgcc-s1 is not installed.*

I'm guessing that libgcc-s1 is important!  Looks now more like the OBS build system is broken on aarch64.


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