[Pkg-pascal-devel] Using FPC backports to build src package

Paul Gevers elbrus at debian.org
Thu Oct 6 11:49:54 BST 2022

Hi David,

On 06-10-2022 11:48, David Bannon wrote:
> I am about to release a new version of tomboy-ng and should use the 
> newer FPC/Lazarus in Testing to make my Source Package.

Why would you need fpc/lazarus at all to create a *source* package. I 
assume you are only talking about testing yourself?

> So, I added backports to my Bullseye installation and installed FPC 
> 3.2.2 and Lazarus 2.2.2 (thanks Abou!). However, because I have in my 
> package's dependencies, thus -
> Build-Depends: .... fpc (>=3.2.2), lazarus (>=2.2.2)

Right, but just for testing, right? Or does your package really needs 
these newer versions to build (and would this make backporting easier)?

> And the FPC and Lazarus from backports identify themselves as fpc-3.2.2 
> and lazarus-2.2, *debuild fails the dependency check*.

Can you show the output, because I don't follow why? I guess it depends 
on the tools you use to build, because apt by default will only install 
packages from backports if explicitly instructed. I'm not sure if *all* 
build tools tell apt that properly.

> I have confirmed 
> this by manually editing my control line (successfully) to -
> Build-Depends: .... fpc-3.2.2 (>=3.2.2), lazarus-2.2 (>=2.2.2)

I'm surprised this works if the former doesn't. Well, maybe it's because 
those package don't exist in stable.

> So, finally, my question - should I just use a Testing install to build 
> my source package ?

Or an *unstable* chroot, or lxc, or whatever you use. Yes, if you try 
building you should build in the environment you are targeting. That 
doesn't mean your system needs to run that, only your build environment. 
There are a lot of solutions to achieve that.

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