[Pkg-pascal-devel] Using FPC backports to build src package

Paul Gevers elbrus at debian.org
Sat Oct 8 18:57:54 BST 2022

Hi David,

On 08-10-2022 03:28, David Bannon wrote:
> Worth noting the cowbuilder cuts in *after* the problem I was having by 
> the way, its the debuild step (from raw source code to Debian Source 
> Package) and, frankly, that does surprise me still.

There are multiple commands that will generate a source package, but at 
the bottom I think it's all dpkg-source. *Most* tools will make sure you 
build a source package in a clean tree, so they will run $(debian/rules 
clean) first. It's that part that needs the build dependencies, so tools 
that *want* to run clean need to ensure that the build dependencies are 

If you ensure your tree is clean (e.g. with git clean), you don't *need* 
to run clean and you don't need your build dependencies. But you need to 
find a different tool than (e.g. calling dpkg-source directly).

Who hardly ever has the build depends installed locally as he uses 
$(dgit build-source).
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