[Pkg-pascal-devel] Bug#1016562: fp-compiler-3.2.0: Fails to setup during install due to "Invalid floating point operation"

Peter B peter at pblackman.plus.com
Mon Nov 28 21:40:03 GMT 2022

On 06/11/2022 18:13, Abou Al Montacir wrote:
> Hi Graham,
>> I was trying to install the Free Pascal Compiler on Debian 11 running under VMware Fusion on an Mac
>> with an M2 processor.
> Can you please tell if you can reproduce using qemu or at least provide instruction ho to run VMware for that purpose?
> Can you confirm this is an ARM Cortex-M2 processor? Do that have an FPU?
> -- 
> Cheers,
> Abou Al Montacir
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Hi folks,

Just thought I would mention that I am seeing "Invalid floating point operation"
crashes on ARM, trying to build C-evo on the OBS.

The crash is intermittent. Sometimes it fails, other times it works.

Most recent fail log is here.

[  123s] [302/433] installing fp-compiler-3.2.0-3.2.0+dfsg-12
[  124s] An unhandled exception occurred at $0000000000470960:
[  124s] EInvalidOp: Invalid floating point operation
[  124s]   $0000000000470960


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