Mrs Luisa Estrada mrsluisa at
Thu Oct 13 16:08:52 UTC 2005

Dear Friend,

Though this approach appears desperate, difficulties encountered in efforts 
to establish a business abroad necessitate this search for someone to assist 
me in securing and investing the sum of USD18,000,000 (eighteen million 
dollars) deposited in my name abroad.

By way of summarized profile of myself, I am  Dr Luisa Estrada, a 64years 
old lady and the wife of Joseph Ejercito Estrada(former head of state and 
President of Philippines) From past experiences, many people I had regarded 
as close friends and relatives has capitalize on my family's travail to run 
away with my money. In order to avert this negative development, I in
conjunction with my son now seek your permission to allow us do a CHANGE OF 

OF CREDIT of stated funds from the deposit company to your name, so that the 
funds (US$18million)would be released to you as the BENEFICIARY (on behalf 
of me and my family).Our family trustee have secretly protected the deposit, 
you are to assist us to lay claims of the funds with the aid of all legal 
documents that will be forwarded to you as time goes on. If you agree to 
help, we shall discuss the disbursement ratio in our next correspondence 
after we have been acquainted. I have decided to offer 20% of the above sum 
to anyone who assists us to secure this funds overseas or 20% share for 
possible help on investing in any reliable venture.

No doubt this proposal will make you apprehensive, please I employ you to 
observe utmost confidentiality and rest assured that this transaction would 
be most profitable for both of us.PLEASE INDICATE YOUR INTEREST BY 

Your full name and address

Your telephone/fax numbers.

Once I receive this information, my son will prepare the necessary documents 
that will put you in place as the new owner of the funds. The money will 
then be released to your custody by the Deposit Company.

Awaiting your swift response.
Sincerely yours,
Dr. Mrs Luisa Estrada.

mrjuestrada at

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