Please your partnership needed.

Weah Tarnue weah_tarnue1 at
Tue Jun 13 23:20:44 UTC 2006

Hello Friend, 

This mail correspondence may come to you as a surprise 
due to the fact that we have not met.The message could be strange but 
real,if you pay some attention to it.I could have notified you about it 
at least for the sake of your integrity. Please accept my apologies in 
bringing this message of goodwill to you; I have to say that I have no 
intention of causing you any pain or harm.

I am the personal aide on 
domestic affairs to the Former president of Liberia,Charles Taylor.

Tuesday,March 28th,2006,i was arrested alongside my master and his 
immediate family but was shortly released after confidentially bribing 
the security officials with some funds.

For full information on what 
happened that fateful day,please go to;


Presently,i am in 
an area between Gambia and Senegal and i am seeking your help in 
reprofiling some funds that was released to me on that day.Now,the 
funds are with me and has no link to Mr.Taylor at all.

Please treat 
this vital information with maturity and sincerity,also indicate your 
interest in working with me so that i can give you broader details of 
the transaction,you could also request my phone number so that you can 
call and we would discuss in details.

Warmest Regards,

weah Tarnue

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