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a unit testing framework for Perl
 Test::Unit::* is a sophisticated unit testing framework for Perl
 that is derived from the JUnit testing framework for Java by Kent
 Beck and Erich Gamma.
 While this framework is originally intended to support unit
 testing in an object-oriented development paradigm (with support
 for inheritance of tests etc.), Test::Unit::Procedural is intended
 to provide a simpler interface to the framework that is more
 suitable for use in a scripting style environment.
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Changes: libtest-unit-perl (0.25-1) unstable; urgency=low
  [ Andreas Fester ]
  * New Maintainer
  * Re-added package with new upstream version (Closes: #386317)
  * Added dpatch framework
  * Converted patch for sample test cases to dpatch
  [ Gunnar Wolf ]
  * Added debian/watch file

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