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Perl client Interface to SSH
 Net::SSH::Perl is an all-Perl module implementing an SSH
 (Secure Shell) client. It is compatible with both the SSH-1 and
 SSH-2 protocols.
 Net::SSH::Perl enables you to simply and securely execute commands
 on remote machines, and receive the STDOUT, STDERR, and exit status
 of that remote command. It contains built-in support for various
 methods of authenticating with the server (password authentication,
 RSA challenge-response authentication, etc.). It completely implements
 the I/O buffering, packet transport, and user authentication layers
 of the SSH protocol, and makes use of external Perl libraries (in
 the Crypt:: family of modules) to handle encryption of all data sent
 across the insecure network. It can also read your existing SSH
 configuration files (/etc/ssh_config, etc.), RSA identity files,
 DSA identity files, known hosts files, etc.
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Changes: libnet-ssh-perl-perl (1.30-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * Initial Release (Closes: #436207,#353096)

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