Bug#439281: libapache2-mod-perl2_2.0.3-1(hppa/experimental): FTBFS: tests fail

Gunnar Wolf gwolf at gwolf.org
Fri Aug 24 12:10:50 UTC 2007

Niko Tyni dijo [Fri, Aug 24, 2007 at 12:13:20PM +0300]:
> > My vague guess about the reason is that "use of undefined variable in
> > socket".
> > 
> > Could it be that getprotobyname('tcp') returns undef?
> Yes, the package should build-depend on netbase for /etc/protocols.

Frank, could you please try a rebuild with netbase included? If it
works, I'll upload this single change as a new version.

Thanks a lot

(BTW, I'm also on vacation - In ~12hr I'll be flying to Austria for
YAPC. I expect to be able to do some work, though)


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