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Sat Feb 10 22:17:02 UTC 2007

(new) libnet-z3950-zoom-perl_1.16-2.diff.gz optional perl
(new) libnet-z3950-zoom-perl_1.16-2.dsc optional perl
(new) libnet-z3950-zoom-perl_1.16-2_i386.deb optional perl
Perl extension implementing the ZOOM API for Information Retrieval via Z39.50
 This module provides a nice, Perlish implementation of the ZOOM
 Abstract API described and documented at
 The ZOOM module is implemented as a set of thin classes on top of the
 non-OO functions provided by this distribution's Net::Z3950::ZOOM module,
 which in turn is a thin layer on top of the ZOOM-C code supplied as part of
 Index Data's YAZ Toolkit.  Because ZOOM-C is also the underlying code that
 implements ZOOM bindings in C++, Visual Basic, Scheme, Ruby, .NET
 (including C#) and other languages, this Perl module works compatibly with
 those other implementations.  (Of course, the point of a public API such as
 ZOOM is that all implementations should be compatible anyway; but knowing
 that the same code is running is reassuring.)
(new) libnet-z3950-zoom-perl_1.16.orig.tar.gz optional perl
Changes: libnet-z3950-zoom-perl (1.16-2) experimental; urgency=low
  * rebuild against current libyaz2-dev so that dependencies is correct
    (previous not released libyaz2-dev generated bad dependencies)

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