new libxml-sax-perl version at the pkg-perl SVN repository

Niko Tyni ntyni at
Tue Nov 27 19:37:31 UTC 2007


I have prepared a proposed new version of libxml-sax-perl, closing
all the open bugs including these two RC ones (#430118 and #452872).

I just pushed the packaging into the pkg-perl Alioth repository at


The full changelog can be seen at

The patch I sent to #430118 corresponds to r9825. There were a few bugs
in it that I fixed since; see r9834, r9861 and r9866.

I can knit together a new patch targeted specifically at #430118 if
really needed, but I'd much prefer to have the whole updated package go
in as a maintainer upload. Jay, please comment.

Niko Tyni   ntyni at

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