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Sat Oct 13 17:47:04 UTC 2007

(new) libexpect-simple-perl_0.03-1.diff.gz optional perl
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wrapper around the Expect module
 Expect::Simple is a wrapper around the Expect module which
 should suffice for simple applications.  It hides most of the
 Expect machinery; the Expect object is available for tweaking if
 need be.
(new) libexpect-simple-perl_0.03.orig.tar.gz optional perl
Changes: libexpect-simple-perl (0.03-1) unstable; urgency=low
  [ Peter Makholm ]
  * Initial Release. (Closes: #446388)
  [ gregor herrmann ]
  * debian/control: Added: Vcs-Svn field (source stanza); Vcs-Browser
    field (source stanza); Homepage field (source stanza). Removed: XS-
    Vcs-Svn fields (source stanza).
  * Add watch file.

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