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We got the following bug report about Geo-IPfree in the Debian bug 
tracker. It would be nice if you can comment on it.

The ifull bug log and the attachments it talks about are at 

Brian Cassidy also offered to take ofer the maintenance of Geo-IPfree 
and take care to update its database. Please say if this is fine with 

Thank you,
    Debian Perl Group

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Subject: Bug#505736: Geo::IPfree country data is outdated and incorrect
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2008 20:05:36 +0100
From: Claus Herwig <c.herwig at checon.de>
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Package: libgeo-ipfree-perl
Version: 0.2-6
Severity: normal
Tags: patch

The country data file provided with Geo::IPfree
is extremly outdated and incorrect.

So please include an uptodate country data file.

Attached you'll find three files:
- webgeo2ipct.pl converts an freely available uptodate GPL'ed country  
database to Geo::IPfree's ipscountry.dat.
You can get the required source database file anytime from
- README.database is the licence file that comes with this source database
- ipscountry.dat is an uptodate generated file as of 14/11/2008

My suggestion would be to replace the file in /usr/share/perl5/Geo with  
the uptodate version and provide the old version together with the  
conversion script and licence file in  

I consider this a bug and not a wishlist item because
- packaged ipscountry.dat (27/3/2003) is over five years old and contains 
approx. 30'000 records compared to an uptodate file with about 90'000 
- For roughly 30% of all allocated IPv4 address ranges in the world the  
allocation was changed in the last five years.
- libgeo-ipfree-perl is suggested by packages like awstats. If you use it 
for logfile analysis you get seriously wrong data. For example: After  
doing some tests for myself I'd estimate Geo::IPfree gets it wrong for  
about 50-80% of web traffic in Western Europe. This IMHO renders the  
package quite useless in its current state.

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